“Having Ken out to our facility is an incredible treat; his lighthearted warmth and fun-loving stories make him a resident favorite!” – Holli, A Senior Living Facility Activity Director

The New Year was off to a great, lots of bookings with travel spreading out to The Dalles, Lebanon, Salem and the coast.

Having a blast with my 'Dreams Really Do Come True', show. So many people cannot easily believe the stories are all true stories.

Simultaneously preparing for 'Don't Bet On the Prince!' my Valentine's show and preparing for my March show too.

I was surprised to be drafted as a replacement teller in the Portland Storyteller's Guild show,’ ONCE UPON A BLUE MOON’ at The Clinton Theater on Saturday Feb. 1st. Turned out it was a Blue Moon event with two of the four tellers becoming ill and Eric Foxman and I stepping in at the last minute and thankfully the show turned out really well.

Who knew there was a virus coming? Everything was about to change!

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