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       A Bit About Me

I love stories and the connection, or bridge, that a story can create and the way storytelling brings people together. Stories are how people connect and how a person, a family, or a society, passes on it's history.
I've also had the experience of watching lots of ICBM's launch and watched a few that were coming towards me, all for tests thankfully.
Who takes a job where guided missiles are aimed at you?
Apparently that would be me!
I also love islands and have been privileged to live in Hawaii, on Johnston Atoll & on Kwajalein and Meck Island in the Marshall Islands. I even loved tiny Johnston Atoll
(tiny = I could run the length of it in 6 minutes, The width in under 4!) it was a great place to spend time (except for the sharks that choose to stay inside the barrier reef that year and kept us out of the water!).
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