Stories on Zoom? Oh Yeah!

Stories and workshops, are available over the Zoom platform.  I've heard from some Activity directors that some senior living residents are preferring Zoom shows because they can see me so well, better than being in a crowded room at times.

I know I miss telling to in-person audiences but I've grown to really enjoy the Zoom shows.

Tuesday I will have the privilege of beginning a three part workshop series for the Beaverton Viva Village's Storytelling Group. They are writers who desire to tell their stories. I am looking forward to sharing my love of storytelling with them. We will have fun!

Digging For Gold - Crafting Stories From Your Life and Beyond!  

Saturday, Jan. 23rd 10AM - 12PM .


 Drawing on over 70 years of combined experience in storytelling my friend Barb Fankhauser and myself will lead this two hour workshop filled with tips and techniques we've culled along the way. These  aids, or tools, have helped us develop personal stories that have been very well received by our audiences. They have enabled each of us to harvest family memories and turn them into stories that both capture family history and entertain as well. The tips and techniques we will share have also helped me to develop stories to tell drawn from

inspiring newspaper accounts and literature.

To purchase tickets for the January 23rd workshop:  


Liars!! Liars!! Skip the debates and hear some really GOOD lies (did you know that studies have proven that hearing a good lie, one that makes you laugh, is better for your health than watching a debate). This Thursday, Oct. 15th at 5pm (Pacific Time).

The link to register for the show is below.

Anne Rutherford (Liar Extraordinary) has gathered some fo the Pacific Northwest most awarded Storyteller Liars for an evening of fun. This is why we're doing it on the same night that debates

were scheduled for. With us you know it's going to be a lie, not much chance of anything else happening with this group under this theme. The big difference between us and the debaters is we aim to fill your evening with laughter and smiles rather than you're needing to increase your blood pressure medicine.

Come on out to our Zoom site for a good time. It is a free show, there will be an opportunity to donate to the tellers, but it is free.

If you know someone that you think might enjoy the show please pass this along to them. Your help in spreading the word about the show will be very appreciated.

The Good Liars’ Club (In Lieu of the Debate)

Thurs Oct 15, 2020 4pm Alaska / 5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

Enjoy more than an hours-worth of whoppers from award-winning liars of the Pacific, as an alternative (or in lie-u of!) the debates. Fantastic fibbers Anne Rutherford, Ingrid Nixon, Ken Iverson, Anne Penfound, Bob Nuffer & Steven Henegar are on the bill, and MC Norm Brecke is sure to stretch the truth a bit as well. Grab your salt-shaker (many grains will be needed!)

and join us! Free, with an opportunity to donate to the tellers.

Register in advance for the show:

After registering, you’ll get a confirmation email containing information with

a link to join the meeting. (Please check your spam or junk folder as it may get caught there).


Stories are now happening via Zoom and it is a pretty strange time. Good things are still happening.
Yesterday was my first live, in person, telling since March 6th.
I stood outside at a senior living location and told to residents that were inside, listening to the stories through an open window. We were over 10 feet apart but it felt great to be there and we all had a good time.
The National Storytelling Network is planning on having its annual conference be a virtual one this year. I've been invited to tell as one of the tellers representing Oregon (thank you Holly Robison for recommending me!).  I need to get back to work on my stories so that is all for now.
Be safe, we can take care of each other in this time.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 13th, 1:00PM at the Lake Oswego Public Library

Celebrate the luck of the Irish with an hour of stories that capture the heart, and the humor, of the Irish people. You cannot find a much better way of spending an hour than gathering to hear Irish stories told as though we were gathering together, neighbor to neighbor, with a good peat fire to warm us. Stories that will come back long after the telling has ended bring a smile to your face and an appreciation of how sweet life can be. Ir wish stories are good for that! This is a free show.

March 2nd, Clinton Street Theater 7:30PM

Thresholds - The Portland Storytellers' Guild presents an evening of storytelling all about those moments where we step into the unknown. Sometimes we know when we are stepping into something very different and sometimes a simple decision sets us on a course that will change everything. Featuring Edward Hershey, Pam Maben, myself and Rebecca Hom. Gretchen Peterson will be our incredible MC and we are thrilled to have Avery Hill coming to provide pre-show and intermission musical entertainment. This shows tellers are drawing on a wide range of sources for these stories. Two personal/original stories, one folktale and one historical story all combine to help us see Thresholds from many perspectives.

Ticket info:

Step Into Storytelling - A Workshop that will change everything

Sat. Jan 12th, Barb Fankhauser and I will lead our workshop "Step Into Storytelling" at the Multnomah Arts Center, Rm. 30, 9:30 - 12:30PM. This will be a very fun, and safe, way to begin, or continue, your journey as a storyteller. We've been working  to pull so much from our combined 67 years of storytelling experience and we can hardly wait til next Saturday to share it all with you. Visit to register or just come to the workshop. We'll have fun!

                      Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years 
I have stories to celebrate each of these wonderful holidays. Stories make a gathering come alive as the stories draw people together.
For New years I like to present my show called Dreams Really Do Come True which has a revolving group of stories to brighten our entry into a New Year armed with high hopes and the knowing that it isn't just other peoples dreams that come true, ours are worthy too. 
I am taking reservations now and some shows are so popular early reservations are advised. I took my first reservation for Halloween - 2019 about a month ago. Plenty of openings but good to book early in case there is a special day you would really prefer.

Special Announcement  

Irish Stories all of March

        This coming Thursday I will be at Pleasant Valley elementary School sharing stories and laughter with every student in the school - what fun that will be, for everyone!

I am looking forward to this very busy week of telling stories. 

Friday I will be at Gilbert Park Elementary School, for the seventh year in a row, having the pleasure of telling to groups of 2-3 classes at a time til by days end I will have been able to share stories with every student in the school. 

Last year was the first time I’ve ever been told by a student, as we said goodbye, that they wouldn’t see me this year as they were graduating but they had loved the stories I’d been telling them from K through 5th grade. What an honor it is to be able to share stories that are both fun to listen to, and that are full of life’s lessons. Stories connect people, stories teach life lessons, stories heal. Barry Lopez said it best, “Sometimes a person needs a story, more than food, to stay alive.”


Friday night my good friend Jack Schwab and I will each tell a story at The Broadway Rose Theater in Tigard as part of “In Other Words…”, a benefit for The Good Neighbor Center. It is a family shelter in Tigard where Jack was the executive director until he retired last year. He organized “In Other Words…” as their main fund-raising event of the year about 6 years ago. We’ve worked on the event together (the storytelling aspect of the event) each year. This is my last year doing this as it’s time to move on to new projects so I will especially enjoy my chance to step onto the Broadway Rose stage Friday night. Full details are on The Good Neighbor Center webpage. Come join us Friday night, there are lot’s of acts to entertain you.


By Saturday I will be getting pretty tired but wouldn't miss the show at The Clinton Street Theater Saturday night.  I will help set-up the sound system for the Portland Storyteller’s Guild Show, run sound check, and then settle back to listen as Portland Storytellers Guild stalwarts Howard Adler, Eric Foxman and Ingrid Nixon perform in: 

"Uncovering the Spirit Within: Stories of Hope and Rebirth" — March 3rd at the Clinton Street Theater. Doors open at 7, stories start at 7:30.

Tickets are $12 in advance at and $15 the night of the show.

As a teacher at Benson High School, Howard Adler let his Monday classes begin with stories from the students. Which isn’t a surprise, as he has been a member of the Guild for over a dozen years. To those students, he brings stories from his years in New York, and from his love of the cultural folklore roots that still suffuse his life.

From a background of community theater, Eric Foxman turned to storytelling a quarter century ago in order to share the literary tales that had deeply touched him. In the interim, as he performed in New York, New England, the Southwest and throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as Canada, Germany, and England, his repertoire has grown to encompass personal stories, traditional legends and historic tales.

Ingrid Nixon has a strong affinity for wild places and the creatures that inhabit them. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, she lived in Alaska for over two decades working for much of that time as a National Park Service ranger. These days, she is a professional storyteller who tells stories on expeditions around the world and at venues around the country, including the National Storytelling Festival. She holds a Masters in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University.


See what I mean about a very busy week of storytelling? What fun! I hope our paths cross.

During the month of March I will be telling mostly Irish stories, except for the school shows which have all kinds of stories in them, and so far I have 16 Irish story shows scheduled, which makes for a very fun month of storytelling.

July 13 - Road Scholar, A Common Love of Animals Program, Portland, OR
July 18 - Mary's Woods, Tuesday Coffee, Lake Oswego, OR
July 18 - Avamere at Seaside, Seaside, OR
July 20 - Road Scholar, A Common Love of Animals Program, Portland, OR
July 23 - Rose Schnitzer Manor, Portland, OR
July 24 - Berry Park, Oregon city, OR

Mar. 3  9-3 Dr. Suess Day Celebration, Gilbert Park Elementary School, Portland

Mar. 6th  1:30  Holgate Center, Portland
Mar 10  7PM The Good Neighbor Center Benefit, Tigard, OR
Mar. 14th  10am   Cornell Estates, Hillsboro
Mar. 14th  3pm   Deerfield village, Milwaukie
Mar. 15th   2pm     Rose Villa, Milwaukie, OR
Mar. 16   11am   Rosewood Park, Hillsboro, OR
Mar. 16th  1:30pm  West Hills Village, Portland, OR
Mar. 16   4:30pm   Lavender Adult Care,  Beaverton, OR
Mar. 17   10:30am  Courtyard Fountains, Gresham
Mar. 17  1:30pm  Gillman Park Sr. Living, O.C.
Mar. 17  3:30pm  Marie Rose Center, Lake Oswego
Mar. 20th     2pm   Holladay Park Plaza
Mar. 22nd   1:30pm   Carman Oaks, Lake Oswego, OR
Mar. 24th   3:00pm   Clackamas View, Milwaukie, OR.
Mar. 26th  3:30pm   Power Valley Memory Care, Gresham, OR
Mar. 27th  6:00pm    Brookdale Orchards, Vancouver, WA