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Join Ken Iverson, Patrick Gannon, and Janice Alexander as they share a variety of stories that lead to unforeseen consequences. From the plight of the 'Famine Irish' to what happens when the Spirit of the Woods comes knocking at your door; choices, like pebbles thrown in still water, lead to ripples of unexpected outcomes.

7:30 pm Saturday, Oct. 14th Live at the Artichoke Cafe


2007 SE Powell Blvd., Portland, Or. 

Tickets: $15. Avail at:







































 How About Dat!


Featuring Rick Huddle, Anne-Louise Sterry and myself with stories of  the  'How About Dat!' moments in our lives.

Storytelling is Live at the Artichoke Music Cafe on Saturday May 6th. 

Doors at 7PM, show at 7:30PM.


There are those moments in life that are simply hard to believe and they often make for good stories. Doesn't matter if it's a wild success or a classic 'Oh! I should have....' moment, we've found it's all good material for some amazing stories.


I hope you will join us, reserve a ticket and come and enjoy the fun at Artichoke Cafe.


Buckle Up, it's going to be a wild ride! You might just see some things a bit differently after these stories (us?), you're in for some surprises.


If you know of others that might be interested please help us by spreading the word, we do appreciate your support.

Hope to see you at the show,


Here is the link to reserve a place at the show:!+-+5%2f6%2f2023












Free Monthly Storytelling  -  on Zoom.

Next Show info:  

My Free monthly shows have come to an end for now.

These may resume in March, time will tell.

Minor foot surgery in January will have me off the road

for 6 weeks.

Irish stories in March, Live shows and shows on Zoom, is the plan.

Email me to schedule a show at your location.

Important Announcement:

I have been invited to share my Nativity Story, 'The Mouse At the Manger' as part of The Grotto's Christmas Festival of Lights this year. Weekdays beginning Nov. 25th through Friday Dec. 30th, at 5pm and 5:45pm.

I will be telling this story in the plaza tent. I hope to see you there.


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