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NEWS of the Day

 Storytelling NEWS:  I am working on writing a few new stories, as well as learning new stories from various sources.  I am still taking storytelling bookings but am not running about seeking bookings. I have wonderful shows for Mother's Day and, also in May, Memorial Day. It is not too early to request bookings for Halloween, Thanksgiving (Yes! I have a great Thanksgiving show!), and Christmas. Those very special holidays get filled early.



Update: My Free Zoom Story event - I have ended my year log journey into Zoom that featured free monthly shows. Thanks to all who attended. I got to meet new people and also to share my stories widely.  

Original announcement - from the times of Covid -  I am preparing to do a monthly storytelling on Zoom for family and friends and strangers (that just are friends I haven't had the opportunity to meet). If you'd like to be included drop me a line through contact and I'll include you. There may be info for leaving tips but none is required, just very appreciated. I really want the stories to be available to all without charge and having optional tipping hopefully makes that work.This will be happening beginning in November 2021.  My storytelling show info, show title, date and time of each months show will be posted on my Home page and Events page, usually a month ahead, at least through Sept. 2022.


Our female Nigerian Dwarf Goats both have given birth!  We have two young goats, one male and one female, and they are a hoot! Is this storytelling news? Umm, sort of, stories are being born out of the experience.  What a boost I get every time I hold one of these little kids and gaze into the eyes of a sweet Nigerian Dwarf goat!  Talk about a creature that shares the abundant joy of creation, its a goat. There may be other animals that walk along and then suddenly, for no apparent reason other than joy, they jump into the air, turn a full circle, land, prance about a bit, and then keep walking like nothing had happened. Oh the joy!



Our Nigerian Pygmy goats may be pregnant!

I know this is not Storytelling news, strictly speaking,   however it is of great import to my wife and myself.  We are fairly new to goat keeping and we already love these little creatures that are so full of life.

Step Into Storytelling Parts 1 and 2

Last Saturday, Oct. 10th, 2020, Barb Fankhauser and I presented the first on-line workshop

for the Portland Storytellers Guild. I'm one of the founding members and Barb was one of the earliest to join. How cool is it that after 35 years of Guild activities and growth that we were given the honor of presenting the first virtual workshop. 

We had a great time and we are hearing back from people that attended that they are finding advantages to on-line learning - easier to concentrate during group activities (Break-Out rooms) and they could be in the comfort of their own homes with the beverage of their choice. 

We are looking forward to our next workshop which will be on Saturday, January 23rd beginning at 10am. You can visit the Portland Storytellers Guild website for tickets (not avail just yet, but soon). 

Our next workshop will dive deep into where to find stories you want to tell and it will also have more information on how to find your way of telling. 

Hope to see you there.  Write me if you need more info.

Happy Telling!!!

The year had begun so promisingly. Most shows I ever had booked heading into a new year. Entering the year with over 75 shows booked was exciting and promising. March alone had 26 shows booked. We all know what happened next - Covid19. After completing six shows in March everything needed to be put on hold. 2020 was going to be quite different than we had all planned.
Lots of time at home so my wife and I build a duck shelter and added 8 ducks to our small 'urban farm' experiment. More time at home so I built a hay storage rack, modified a shed and we added two Nigerian Dwarf goats to our homestead (they are unrelievedly cute!).
We already had chickens but why not have more chickens, plus we like to raise our own for when we eat chicken too. So, now we currently have 48 chickens in brooders and free ranging on our little patch of land. Life is good. Our 6 1/2 year old granddaughter loves being here and being with us and the animals. I never had the chance to hold a small goat when I was a kid, she's making the most of it. It's all part of the story of our family.
It's now May 19th, yesterday I did my first 'live' storytelling since March 6th.  I set up my PA outside a senior living location and told stories through an open window to the residents.  Thankfully the rain gods were nice and no rain fell during the performance. Sure felt good to see people and be telling face-to-face even though we were over 10 feet apart and they were wearing masks.
Zoom is nice to have but for me it doesn't compare with face-to-face telling where I can hear my audience without it changing who the mic is picking up. Strange times.
Imagine being a child an d growing up now with most folks wearing a mask, gloves and what not and tell me this isn't the stuff of a great science fiction story. The twilight zone has come home.

   Special Announcement - open to the public show - free admission!


        July 11th   6PM  Molalla Public Library, 201 E 5th St, Molalla, OR 97038 

                     Celebrate Summertime at the Library with an hour of  Humorous Stories

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